Program Detail

Learning while Traveling

Travelling can teach you things you can never learn in a classroom or textbook. It helps open your mind to new experiences, traditions, cultures, and ethics. Travel is The best way to connect to the world, environment, and soul. You get to observe different people's lives and livelihoods and get inspired. Travelling makes you more accepting and humble, and it makes you a person with a vision. The more you travel and explore, the more you learn.

Travelling makes you leave your comfort zone, go to a new location, get excited, and get a new feeling. When you travel, you get to learn about different cultures, experiences, and traditions. You know to live in the moment. It teaches you to survive on the minimum, and you also learn to live in a humble way in a small hotel or in a community stay. It will make you carefree and teach you to value experiences over materialistic things.

We believe travel is one of the best learning experiences for young people to discover themselves. Travel is a form of peacebuilding, networking, learning, and developing wisdom.

Objectives of the Journey

  • Develop the culture of "learning while travelling."
  • Take youth outside of their comfort zone (culturally and academically) and challenge their limits and knowledge.
  • Make cultural tolerance and understanding a priority.
  • Expose the participants to global issues and relate them to local communities.


  • Reports, documentaries, and images addressing many themes
  • The abilities of teamwork, leaving no trace, intercultural awareness, managing travel, social entrepreneurship, climate change, tourism, and development are some of the topics that participants become aware of.
  • exposure to Himalayan geography, culture, and lifestyle
  • fostering the practise of "learning while travelling."
  • Increase the participants' comprehension of one another's cultures.
  • Learn about the environment and the plans and regulations that the local culture and people have in place to conserve it.
  • Discuss the environment and the changes you see and experience due to tourism, climate change, and other factors with the local herder, hotel owner, and religious leader.
  • Engage with local authorities and organisations to discuss programmes for reducing harmful consequences.
  • Enjoy nature's breathtaking beauty.


The principles we actively promote

  • Respect for cultural and political diversity
  • Responsibility towards democracy, peace, and environmental conservation
  • a yes-I-Can attitude and an attitude to help others succeed.
  • Respect for labour
  • Readiness to add a drop to any novel cause