Know About us


We are a research-based institution based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our programs are developed around the theme "Classroom in Nature and Community," an open-air classroom approach where we learn from soil, culture, nature, and heritage. We believe this will not only enhance our acquired knowledge but also give us a lifelong learning opportunity. Our programs emphasize the importance of environmental values, social integrity, and self-development.

We are a progressive organization where we focus on different communities and nature-based models and approaches in teaching and learning. With our team of experts, we also conduct different research, documentation, advocacy, and outreach programs to achieve our goals of lifelong learning and sustainable development. 

What We Do


Like any other developing country, Nepal is rich. With a vast diversity of natural environments, cultures, and life practices, Nepal offers learners an immensely rich and fertile context for learning. The learners can anticipate adventure, amusement, wisdom, and subject matter! It’s a perfect classroom. Hands-On Institute helps course facilitators make Nepal the most suitable learning platform for your subject. Let Nepal help you teach your subject!


We make use of communities, and natural environmental assets in our classroom. Using natural assets and communities as classroom promotes a sense of place and appreciation of local people, community, and culture.

Cautiously selected communities and natural assets host our programs. The community through “community advisors” helps in planning, reviewing, preparing, and hosting activities undertaken by Hands-On. The Advisory Committee also identifies priority service areas for Hands-On to engage in. 

 “Isolation of the school - its isolation from life.”- John Dewey.

Our Programs are:

  1. Research-Based Learning.
  2. Observation and interaction-based learning.
  3. Action-based learning.

We also develop curricula/programs/activities for academic institutions, organizations, and individuals as specific requirements.    

We believe these programs will help to experience Nepal in different ways and gain lifelong skills in research, documentation, interaction, and friendship 

Objectives: (Our Mission Statement)

  1. In coordination with different national and international institutions, universities, organizations, and schools/colleges, organize outdoor learning programs, conferences, and educational tours.
  2. To organize, conduct and facilitate national and international training, workshops, discussions, and conferences on environmental conservation and management, culture and education, climate change, and sustainable development.
  3. To conduct research, training, monitoring, and evaluation on environmental education, and environmental management for national, international, private, governmental, and non-governmental organizations. 
  4. To research and document culture, heritage, and nature to showcase through publications, pictures, pictorial books, and visual documentaries.
  5. Engage in the promotion and management of local agricultural products, local textiles and handicrafts, and other goods through marketing outlets.
  6. To encourage, engage and coordinate different institutions, agencies, and organizations as corporate social responsibilities for social and environmental well-being.
  7.  To use different methods for promotion and outreach of programs. 

How we work

We work with communities as a learning center. These communities will be involved by helping in planning, reviewing, preparing, and hosting activities undertaken. We are engaged with communities to link education, agriculture, and self-sustaining life. We are committed to building capacity, skills, knowledge, and choices within these communities. 

Our management team works with experts, different local organizations, individuals, and communities in our outdoor learning, research, and knowledge journeys in different parts of Nepal to make your journey even more interesting and integrating. 

            OUR MISSION

We emphasize learning the importance of environmental values

In addition to providing a unique learning experience, our programs also emphasize the importance of environmental values, social integrity, and self-development. We believe that by promoting these values, we can not only improve the lives of our students, but also contribute to the betterment of our community and the world as a whole.

            OUR VISION

Our programs are developed on the theme of Classroom in Nature

Our focus on an outdoor classroom approach allows us to learn from the natural environment, as well as the culture and heritage of our community. We believe that this hands-on approach to learning not only enhances the knowledge we acquire, but also provides us with valuable lifelong learning opportunities.

            OUR JOURNEY

Through every nook and cranny

From the early 2000s, we made numerous journeys across Nepal to explore, document, experience, and understand our different cultures and environments. Every year and every year after, our footprint took us across a unique variation of topography, biodiversity, beautiful surroundings, people, and culture. From East to West, South to North, passing through various beautiful mountain passes, Duns valleys, mid hills, river systems, and people, from the southern lowland Terai (70-300 m) to the tree-line (4000 m) and snow-line (5500 m). With these different journeys and subsequent interactions with nature and friendly people, we started making these routes into programs as a learning step to promote Nepal, show the beauty of nature, and explore further different environments and practices.

Meet The Team

Niraj Tamrakar

Founder and CEO

Namrata Thapa

Research and Programs Manager

Paras Shrestha

Operations and Program Manager

Salonika Neupaune

Research and Training Expert

You can join us on your journey of exploration!