Experience the wonders of Nepal through thoughtfully crafted trails that combine entertainment, cultural immersion, and appreciation for the country's diverse geography, culture, and customs, offering a unique opportunity to interact with local communities and gain knowledge along the way. Our program's well-explored journeys provide a harmonious blend of entertainment and exploration, showcasing the rich natural and cultural heritage of one of the most diverse countries in the world.

Learning while Traveling

Travelling can teach you things you can never learn in a classroom or textbook. It helps open your mind to new experiences, traditions, cultures, and ethics. Travel is The best way to connect to th...

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Classroom in Nature

Classroom in Nature is a different approach from traditional classroom settings and allows the learner to explore and gain knowledge...

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Festivals and Celebrations

The cultural heritage of Nepal has evolved over the centuries. This multi-dimensional heritage encompasses the diversities of Nepal&rsquo...

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