Program Detail

Classroom in Nature

Classroom in Nature is a different approach from traditional classroom settings and allows the learner to explore and gain knowledge from community interactions while immersing themselves in nature.

Our programs are developed on the theme ‘Classroom in Nature and Community’, an open-air classroom approach where we learn from soil, culture, nature, and heritage. We believe this will not only enhance our acquired knowledge in the classroom but will also give us a lifelong learning opportunity while highlighting the importance of environmental values, social integrity, and self-development. Our entire program focuses on local, traditional, and indigenous knowledge and engagement of the community and students. 

Each program is designed with a special emphasis on knowledge, fun, adventure, and self-exploration.  In the program, you will enjoy local cuisine and natural beauty and also participate in local, traditional, and cultural functions. We believe this will improve sustainability, networking, and environmental awareness for the benefit of present and future generations.

Our entire program follows eco-friendly travel plans, focused on eco-friendly methods while exploring places, serving, and learning with and from the community.

We also develop curriculum and programs as per the needs of institutions, organizations, schools, colleges, and universities. Our curriculum involves students actively stimulating the environment and social issues through actions and activities.


  1. summer/winter walking knowledge-field camps
  2. walking knowledge and field experience
  3. work at specific community and topic
  4. field exposure management: includes design and management

All outdoor activities will work with local communities as learning centers and lend a helping hand to each other. These strategically selected communities will be involved in the planning, reviewing, preparation, and hosting of activities undertaken.